DreamApp is a one stop mobile app management tool for iPhone -- Think of it as a tricorder for your Web site.

What can you do with DreamApp?

  • Monitor the health of the server and web site.
  • Check support tweets and items relevant to you.
  • Add/Delete or modify DNS records
  • Manage your group mailing lists.
  • Send mailings out to your group mailing lists
  • Reboot your server (Only if you have a private server type account)
  • Check Memory and CPU usage (Only if you have a private server type account)
  • See a quick snapshot of your google analytics
  • See how many people have bookmakarked you in del.icio.us and what tags they have used
  • See how many sites link to you
  • See how many pages Yahoo thinks you have
  • Add custom report types -- I have a starter pack of 4 but they are super easy to write (see here for the extras kit)
  • See how much you owe DreamHost and when the next bill is!

I just pushed version 1.50 to apple (April 17, 2010) -- It contains a number of bug fixes but also a very cool 'Recent sharing & bookmarking' feature. If someone tweets about you, or shares you i google reader, or blogs about you or comments in a blog it'll try to find that and present it (very cooll)

Domain View -- Ping, web response, favicon all in one page.Mailing ListsSending a note to mailing listGoogle Analytics coming with V1.1

For a given site lots of ways to check for problemsGet a handle on how popular your site isFor PS users reboot and check usage

Yahoo Web StatsNew Graph View (coming in v1.2)Use logfile to see real-time stats on all of your content


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